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while you still have fire in your pants

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December 31st, 2007



i still cannot get over the atonement. i like the film but I LOVE the book. james, oh dear lord, james was good. i do hope that he'll win an award for this movie. i especially loved the confrontation scene with the sister, oh meng! he was brilliant. i rather find him short though, he even told the press that he is only 5' 7 and he is not a classic leading male star like brad pitt, hahaha! he is the same height as me.

part in atonement movie that really fucking kills me and stayed in my mind even when i sleep, was the narrating letters of robbie to cecilia.

**dearest cecilia, the story can resume. the one that i have been planning on that evening walk. i can become again the man that once walk the surrey park at dusk in my best suit, swaggering on the promises of life. the man with the clarity of passion made love to you in the library. the story can resume, i will return, find you, love you, marry you and live without a shame**

such a tragic love story, i love it! makes me a cynical person become optimistic when it comes to love, does that makes sense? i dunno. i did not cry on this movie but i cried like a mofo in the book.  ian mcewan is a brilliant storyteller and while reading the book, its seems like as a reader i felt robbie in me and how he is losing his soul each and everyday but the promises of cecilia are the one keep him going on. uff, medyo corny na ba? haha! i want to thank mr mcewan for perking up my literally obsession. i'm also glad that i have a friend who shares the same passion when it comes to reading and will start a james mcavoy appreciation group in facebook =p

ok, back to my old self...sorry, shameless post of my mcdreamy- JAMES MCAVOY! he is soo married that makes him so hawt, hahaha! ok obviously i wanted to wear a scarlett letter on my chest.

i swear i'm having those school girl crush again which is a good sign cos i complained before that i dont crush anyone anymore even movie stars. i guess, im not an ice queen of narnia....yet!

December 14th, 2007



God i love Tarantino!


Obviously the man loved his philippines sojourn, that he decided to parade the native garment in hollywood.  

July 18th, 2007


I'm not enjoying this new york style weather at all...

April 11th, 2007


i had the funniest conversation with my gay friend mia about the movie 300.

mia: i just saw 300
me: oh yeah me too!
mia: oh my gawd i nearly fainted
me: why too violent
mia: hell no! too many men, too many abs, too many six pack- ahay!!!!
me: lol, isn't he cute, the king.
mia: darling he is my new wallpaper. i want him to be my sugar daddy
me: i thought george clooney is your sugar daddy?
mia: that was before but he's too old to carry a sheild baby
me: i crush astinos- the guy with the head got chopped off.
mia: oh yeah i like him too, he is marco bailey you know
me: marco bailey?
mia: yeah from mile high
me: ohh....damn he became hot
mia: yeah but daddy gerard is still delicioso
me: hey that xerxes king looks like that indian gay guy we saw at arq
mia: lol (for 1 min) i'll call him xerxes from now on, hahaha. you're mean!
mia: hey do you think gerards' butt was computerised too?
me: hahaha, i dont think so..why does it look fake?
mia: nope...too hot. i wanna squeeze them in the morning

oh my God, it was never ending. the last time he gushed like this about a movie was clueless and he soo wanna be like alicia silverstone. he thinks that this top off spartacus as the new gay icon movie- i think so too. me and mia will watch this again in imax, hahaha- gerard BUTTler fan club. he is already planning a 300 theme float for the next year mardi gras. 300 gay guys marching daw along the oxford street, haha, funny =)

i'm so happy coz.....


i'm still a bit lost, this is my first mac. like posting pics i'm still struggling, even simple things that i used to do on pc but i'm not going to give up; this mac is such a sexy beast. the mac support in apple website is not a great help. i can't call my friend dee cos he is anti-mac, i wished i got lots of friends who own mac. any suggestions for a book or website that can help beginners like me to become an expert.

it was not my plan to buy a mac. my plan was just to buy fabric paint at spotlight. then the next thing i knew i was fiddling with this mac inside dick smith store, they were on sale plus a free office mac with every purchase. i think it was my subsconscious mind that bought this thing kasi wala talagang plano but nonetheless i'm happy with my purchase.

October 5th, 2006

(no subject)


one of my best buy this month. ang galing super galing, lahat killer tracks!
i'm falling in love everytime i listen to moonstar 88 version of panalangin.

September 20th, 2006

(no subject)


Selfish wish..... 
but i hope things will get straight in THAILAND or else my bday trip in koh samui is off :(((

September 19th, 2006



 can anyone tell me how to break up with someone without hurting him, so you can end up as friends?!?!?!

September 13th, 2006



Pheew! my first ever post for a very long time.......

it feels kinda odd, it's kind of i'm in a computer rehab and i'm not allowed to touch any computers. work is really hectic, a lot of changes at work so i've been snobbing my friends and i haven't had fun in ages. so i've been very good except this time i have a new drinking buddy---- my mum.

after dinner, we usually have tea and some bikkie, but this time we have a glass of red each to help us go to sleep. hahaha! we're becoming alcoholics yo!

so me and my girls went out today, had dinner and watch a movie. we watched john tucker must die. i dunno, i can't find jesse metcalf sexy or even drool worthy. maybe i watched so many passions (don't ask!) before that i'm waiting for charity to pop out or that midget timmy.

it was funny though coz lately me and my girls were talking about how guys these days are so fucking retards. i mean, they are listening to their knob than their brains, right?????

i don't want to be discourage with this observations but WHERE ARE THE DECENT GUYS????  guys that are not playing games. guys who are honest and sincere. guys that find woman as a person with feelings and not an accessories. is my friend right? are they just bunch of dickheads roaming around the streets looking for a victim, make them fall inlove, hit them in the sack and then dump them. shit this is what i hate about singlehood, yeah its fun no boundaries, no ties pero puta the emotional part dude, nakakainis.

example na lang ha, like this good mate of mine (i will not name names) he is going out with this uber fashionista chick and really pretty. they're been going out for two years now and planning to move in together. they are basically married in bills ( ie shared car bill, telephone, accomodation) but everytime we are talking about how we meet a new bunch of hot girls and he's all going gaga and wanted to meet them. shit lucky i'm not that close to her gf or else i'll tell her about his dirty little dick.

i think guys stop looking to the other women when they are already in their bed pan or maybe when they go blind. i mean hands up those who think that your man is 100% honest with you? even when they are sleeping they are cheating on you. they are having wet dreams over jessica alba's butt or maria sharapova's leg. 

what i don't understand is what they frontin' on you. they pretend like they are the new age sensitive guys. like they are the victim of this ever changing world. i've been meeting a lot of guys lately who wants to get married, damn what is happening in this world? are the guys now becoming a sucker for romance? does tiffany and co targeting the late twenties male nowdays? if that was six years ago, i'll probably so aswoon and end up marrying some ass wipe dude, but i turned so jaded right now that romance does nothing on me. flowers-arghhhh! bulgari ring- fuck off. i listened to destiny's child so much that i surpass beyonce when she said "all the ladies who are independent, throw your hands above me".

my mum keep pushing me to get married that's why i think she wanted me to go back in phils and use my AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN charm to get a husband. she always said, " i can die now if i see all of you settled". then i'll answer her with "that's why i'm not getting married coz i want you to live longer!" i'm so terrible eh?!?

i always pray to God that i'm doing a right thing  about deciding not to get married. i've seen a lot of old lady at work who are not married (most of them are retired nurses-yikes!) and they are living alone and in some way miserable. i don't want to be grumpy and miserable but i guess i'll be like that if i don't break  this super protective barrier that no one can pass and hurt me.

i better stop thinking about this barrier bullshit again coz it made me think of this fucker that help me built them and he ain't worthed to be remembered.

hay naku enough with this bullshit, this is making me depressed. i'm still waiting for my romeo though, pero i think nakuha na rin sya ng bading :( :(

May 15th, 2006

 this will be the best birthday present.

 ohh man, pearl jam! you were a big part of my life. i listened to your every songs and my bedroom walls are covered with your face vedder. i've been waiting for this  after i went all crazy on your 95 concert in eastern creek. 
man, i don't know what to do if they'll play evenflow-again. i don't know if i can still handle the moshpit. better dust off the doc martens, haha!

May 8th, 2006

ang ginaw, ginaw, ginaw


2 doctors had a fight this morning in my work, parang scrub type. they fight about some diagnosis and super geek ng arguement nila, it was so adorable.


i hate....u2 concert organiser! they said that they  have the guys here in nov, now i read in the paper that thay are coming in dec. eh puta, i'm soaking philippines sun on that month you son of a whore!!!! 

i love....belle and sebastian but no one wants to come and see the show with me. am i the only one who doesn't have a bill or i'm just good at avoiding them.
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